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danuButton Compact Set with Gastostomy Buttton

danuButton Compact Set with Gastostomy Buttton

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The danuButton® is a replacement feeding tube for long-term enteral nutrition and use with a completely healed stoma. The low-profile feeding tube is easy to conceal under clothing and especially for active, mobile patients.

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  • Applications for this product

    • A replacement feeding tube for long-term enteral nutrition and use with completely healed stoma
    • Large selection of sizes and lengths for the individual and perfect fit
    • The extension sets included in the danuButton® Compact and Premium Set are made of kink-resistant, biocompatible polyurethane. They are equipped with ENFit® connectors according to ISO 80369-3 and danumed's rotating connector, the ENSwivel®

    Features of this product

    • High-quality gastrostomy button for more quality of life of mobile patient
    • Premium product features enable best patient comfort and increased patient safety
    • The extensive accessories of the danuButton® Sets enable you to an easy and comfortable replacement of the gastrostomy probe, additional components are no longer necessary

    Why Choose This Product

    • ISO 80369-3 Compliant (ENFit compatible)
    • High-quality medical-grade silicone
    • Unobtrusive under clothing, the danuButton® is especially appreciated by active, mobile patients

    Specifications of this product

    • danuButton® Gastrostomy Button
    • danumed® Extension Set for Gastrostomy Button,
    • 30 cm, Y-ENFit®, ENSwivel®, angled button connector
    • danumed® Stiffener (Introducer)
    • danumed® Balloon Syringe 10 mL
    • optiLube lubricant
    • Gauze Pads (4x)

*Please refer to IFU for complete warning and contraindication. IFU can be accessed here 

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